About The Gallery

Step into a 1885 building with the art and flair of a European Salon. This evening in the Castleberry Hill Gallery where owner Massoud Besharat mixes business with pleasure, you will meet a collector whose calling card reads ‘Saint and Poet’.

Massoud makes his home in the gallery he has designed as a reflection of his own sense of calm, beauty and pleasure. It’s a living space, yet a gallery done to the 9’s, with lighted cobblestone floors, two story granite walls, a glass stairway and a rooftop terrace. He didn’t plan to live in a 5,000 sq. foot loft attached to his 6,000 sq ft gallery; it just happened that way.

The gallery is his passion; a granite quarry in Elberton is his business. On this evening, Massoud will surprise guests with the introduction of five well known European Artists who have brought their work to Atlanta especially for this evening. We will hear how the European Art world has influenced our own Atlanta tastes for art. After the discussion, guests may tour the permanent collection in the gallery as well as Massoud’s private loft, including photography, sculpture, paintings and art works by artists from across the globe. The collection is always comprised of art chosen by Massoud because it is what he loves.