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Ernesto Bertani was born in 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying architecture, he joined the workshop of Leonardo Dominguez and Victor Chab to study painting and sculpture respectively.
In his collection of works whose mímesis produces images with reality surpasses the analogy. His technique is the most hyper-wise to convey messages of great development rhetoric, where the simple elements are combined with irony and lucidity. Significantly Series worked with images of Casimiro, in which he reflects on the dress and its relationship to the social imaginary.
He has exhibited individually: Birger Gallery, Buenos Aires (1977); Gallery 9, Lima (1980); Arteaplicada Gallery, Sao Paulo (1982); Attica Gallery, Buenos Aires (1983 and 1985); Casa de las americas, Havana ( 1985), and Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires (1997). Collectively described in the biennial Paris (1982), Mexico (1984), Havana (1984). Among the many prizes that this artist has participated include: Award Braque, Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires (1980 and 1982); Scholarship Award Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires (1983); Gunther Award (Cayce), Buenos Aires ( 1987 and 1989), and Fortabat Prix, Buenos Aires (1991). It won the First Prize at the Third Biennial Painting Moët & Chandon, Buenos Aires (1991).