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Donatella Violi was born in Ovada (AL), moved to Milan and subsequently to Reggio Emilia.  There she was taking the classes of the Institute of Science and courses of engraving, painting and art history.

In 1983 she began her artist career participating in competitions and exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Germany, Japan, Swiss). Attracted to the world that surrounds us, she provides her own unique way of reality interpretation with her personal “alphabet of colors”. She enriched  her skills with studying at Homer Ettorre.

As written by Aurora Marzi, « The fascinating theme of the trip is always present in the life and works of Donatella Violi, as inner journey, as autobiographical path: the birth in Ovada in Piedmont, her childhood in Milan, youth in Reggio Emilia and, followed by an immersion in geographical realities so different, the Amazon, Turkey, Scotland, America … Each trip is transformed into an intimate path of sounds, images, emotions, a diary “on board” that she notes meticulously on canvas, saturating them with intense colors, ” scratched” by a strong and incisive sign » (Itineris and Calvino Invisible Cities, 2012)