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His works resemble captured on canvas surrealist dreams of a young European, picturing modern perceptions of the world; they are filled with dollar notes flying across the skies, racing cars and invitingly smiling girls.
His art is the reflection of upbringing and freedom of the digital era in arts and depicts the power of youth, courage and boundless opportunities. Floyd’s works enable the reality to be modeled and we see urban landscapes leaving no space for human personality while the extremely violent colors remind that we live in the age of advanced technology which often displace the indigenous organics of the humankind.
Every element of the unconscious of the successful and daring youth breaks cover: dummy people and doll women. Bright colors, dynamism, demonstrated texture of the works offer insight into the subconscious of the people of new generation living in a rapidly changing colorful world highly resembling the works of fantast writers illustrated by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali.
Floyd applies the compilation technique and design of photographs which after digital processing turn into surrealist pictures. The artist decorates his works in various manners: with pictures drawn by the artist with his distinguishing touch, with resins, stencil pictures (brush drawings made with a stencil) or gold foil.