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“Looking at my work, I realize that I am a storyteller, but not in the usual sense.  I build my stories in terra cotta clay, layering the surfaces with found object marks and fired colarants.  These stories have no ending, nor do they contain answers to the questions they pose.  They are inquisitive, honest, and dwell on the mysteries and joys of daily living.  Each one of a kind sculpture is hand built, mainly using thick coils, then multiple fired.  The pieces my be fired three to seven times depending on the color and surface that I’m trying to achieve. I approach the color on the clay as a painter.  My palette is a combination of stains, glazes, oxides, slips, dry clays, underglazes and underglaze pencils.  I mix, I paint, never exactly sure of the end results – another mystery.  I enjoy the surprises!” – Debra Fritts