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Abstract artist Paul Light Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1966. Before

beginning his studies at the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2008, Light had a 22-year

career in the automobile business that culminated in his becoming General

Manager of the dealership. Even during his automotive years, Light fueled his

creative side as a painter, and product designer. And, it was during these years that

he met and was mentored by Paul Chelko, a well-respected Atlanta artist and


After spending time running a painting studio and gallery on Atlanta’s Bennett Street,

Light resumed his studies in Atlanta at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Here Light will earn a MFA in Painting in the Fall of 2012. Since opening his studio and attending SCAD-Atlanta, Light has shown his work

in a number of group shows around Metro Atlanta. His work is held in private

collections in Atlanta, Virginia and New York City and in and in public collections

such as the SCAD Permanent Collection.

Artist Statement:

“My work embodies the physicality of material in the moment. The imagery is stylized and pictographic – fragments of my memories whose original contextual meanings are forever lost to me and only the essences of the memories remain. While I believe the essence of memory doesn’t have a physical ideal, I believe that the quintessential element of it which, for me, is a powerful personal feeling or an emotion can be shared with others through my art.”

“The work begins as all work does with nothing, and then an underpainting defines the context for the final composition and begins to elucidate the compositional elements that will become the final structure of the paintings.  The work is done when I feel that the picture plane literally resonates with its own sentience.”