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Carlos Mata was born in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in 1949. The influences in his work come from the ground and the landscape. Many of his works contain the aspect of mud, a material, which has been worked by various generations of people from the island. The subtle and special sensitivity of this born-by-the-Mediterranean Sea sculptor establishes an incredible combination of grace, style, and elegance in his work. Carlos Mata was classically trained in Barcelona and Paris. Carlos Mata’s sculptures are based on the memories of his childhood as he makes an effort to obtain the original image that he could see when he was a child. This artist is able to find the original reality that defined his psyche a long time ago. This is why his sculptures are so simple and without many details.
There are thousands of hours of work behind the apparent simplicity of Mata’s forms. Mata’s bovine animals keep their pride, but not their volume. His works are outlined but continue to have their characteristic features. The animal shapes represent the old collective memory of ancient cultures, which are totally related to our current reality.