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Juan Manual Pajares is a master of combining bits of iconography within space. This space is often a flat architectural organization of color and line that divides sections of the picture plain. Here small representational figurative depictions occupy an isolated but specific area of the picture. His combination of figuration and space varies from work to work. Each piece begins a different dynamic between the figures and the endorsers of line and form. The style used to depict the figures varies as well. Pajares uses both loose drawing and very tightly rendered drawing to describe the body and its relation to space. This technique separates the figure from the texture of the surrounding space. There is a juxtaposition of quick and slow mark making, all happening within a suspended, flat atmosphere. The ring surrounding texture is a result of the linen used to construct the paintings. Juan Manuel lives and works in Spain and has exhibited widely. Completely self-taught, he has built up a style that reflects his environment and rich background.