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Silvana Robert was born in 1965 in Argentina. She took first row between the artists of her generation. Well-educated at the National School of Fine Arts and having gone through workshops with virtuoso draughtsman Atilla, VCR Cristina Santander, Sapia and Alicia Scanavino. He studied Restoration and Conservation of easel painting at the Centro Cultural Gral. St. with teachers F. Poyatos Jimenez and Lic. Patricia Aparicio Bravo.
Silvana has in his hands the motion and ability to admirably solve arguments with plastics. Figures primarily female are addressed with a vibrant realism and alternate with the spaces around them. The contrasting palettes maintain the enrichment of tangential interest – graffiti – that sometimes spells words allusive to the climate of the figures. It is indeed this exceptional ability to assemble the world of real abstractions and not fear the language of the letters that places Silvana into the category of fine contemporary artists. A synthesis so successful is infrequent and adds an impecccable good taste that wills Silvana Robert to stay among the prominent creators of the Buenos Aires School.
Silvana’s recent individual exhibits in Argentina include the Alvear Collection of Zurbaran in 2003 and Gallery Zamora in 2002