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Yvonne was born and raised in the Netherlands, where a rainy sky and the absence of television were conducive to the development of her artistic skills. Traveling the world while working in the Middle East, Yvonne eventually made the USA her home. Her paintbrush and pencil were never far away. Yvonne worked for Delta airlines and Grady Memorial Hospital. During this time she met her husband, Dr. Gabriel. They have two children.

Yvonne is presently working on her Master’s at SCAD in Fine Arts Painting.

Yvonne’s latest work touches on issues of distortion and reflection. While the human figure gives the viewer a point of identification, it merely serves as a source of distortion to its environment. Both water and man affect each other in new and chaotic ways, which still can be traced back to physics and the infraction of light.

Similarly, our surroundings create chaos and distort truth.  Truth does not exist; it is merely an angle, a reaction or deflection.

Yvonne’s preferred material is oil on linen. In addition to the water paintings, she is a well sought after portrait artist.